Alloy Steels & Aluminum Products
Castings & Forgings
Brass & Copper Alloys
  • We Provide Export Packaging and Documentation
  • We CAN Locate the Materials You Need When You Need Them
  • Immediate Shipments - Today if Necessary
  • We Provide Proprietary Specification Certification
American Metalsource is your Metal Solution for:
  • 8MN Titanium Sheets per SAE AMS-T-9046J
  • Extra Wide 2024-T3 Aluminum Sheets
  • Non-Standard Gauge Requirements
  • Quality Control per MIL-I-45208A OR BETTER!
  • Woman Owned & Small Business Compliant
Hi-Temperature Alloys
Nickel Alloys
Stainless Steels
Titanium Alloys
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American Metalsource, Inc. 6023 E. Prado Circle Anaheim, CA 92807 Phone: 714.998.8077 Fax: 714.998.8011
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